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Is a Robot Workforce in the Near Future?

The Associated Press recently announced they will be using robots or more specifically, automation, to write some of their business stories. This confirms what researchers have been pointing out: the machines are taking over. Not in some post-apocalyptic annihilation of the human race but by taking our jobs, about 47 percent of them according to Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne of the University of Oxford.

And why not? Robots are efficient, precise and they can work around the clock. Plus, they’re just so cool! Or creepy, depending on the robot.

Both private businesses and governments have been investing big time in robotics and automation (including $38 million from the U.S. Government last year), combine that with the acceleration of technology and it would appear we have a full blown robo-baby boom on our hands.

However, don’t fret dear reader. Even if we find ourselves out of work and replaced by cold hearted machines, we’ll always have the RoboCup:

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