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Emily Gould Sets the Record Straight About Lena Dunham

Emily Gould is used to dealing with public criticism. After all, the blogger and author rose to fame after airing the dirty laundry of New York’s elite on Gawker.com

Mocking the rich and famous came with a price. She was the center of a media backlash in 2007 after participating on a CNN Panel, in which Jimmy Kimmel accused Gould of “irresponsible journalism.”

The author would later make the decision to quit the gossip blog and start a new path.

But public opinion has a tendency to rear its ugly head back after things die down. After a Styles article compared Gould to Lena Dunham, HBO “Girls” show runner Jenni Korner tweeted:

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with the former gossip queen, who just released her new book titled “Friendship,” to set the record straight.

Credit: Connie Fossi, Bianca Perez and Paola Bolano

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