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Chef Anthony Lamas: Mexican Food is More Than Rice, Beans and Tacos

Chef Anthony Lamas’ approach to cuisine combines a great love of food and a deep connection to family heritage. Join him as he travels back home to Mexico explore his mother’s roots and discover the culinary secrets of the town of Oaxaca.

Lamas sits down with some of the most internationally renowned Mexican chefs to eat, drink, and talk about what makes Mexican cuisine so rich, so flavorful, so delicious, and soooooo good.

Chef Lamas, who won Food Network’s “Extreme Chef” in 2011, explains how he was exposed to the bountiful combination of traditional Mexican flavors his family cooked while he was growing up in California. Today, Lamas owns his own restaurant, Seviche.

“At young age I developed a palate. I have a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky–not too many Latinos there. We are being considered one of the top Latino restaurants. People are saying, ‘How is this possible?’, because people are starting to know what we bring to the table.”

He says his childhood helped shaped his love of food as well as his determination to succeed.

“At a young age I was washing dishes. So I learned a work ethic at a very, very young age, so I think that’s what helped me to this day, because even the chefs that I trained under, they kind of took me under their wing, cause they saw I worked extra hard,” Lamas said.

What has he enjoyed the most about opening Seviche? He says his ability to bring people flavors they have never tried before.

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