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What does it take to become a U.S. citizen?

Since 2010, Angy Rivera has been writing the first and only advice blog for undocumented youth

It’s a reality for most undocumented immigrants across the country: living in the shadows in fear that revealing their status could have devastating consequences. That fear often creates a road block for them to get answers to pressing questions.

One immigration activist, Angy Rivera, is proud and unafraid to say she is undocumented. In 2010 she created a blog that was the first of its kind: providing advice to undocumented youth.

Angy answers a wide-range of questions ranging from eligibility for DACA to the more personal topics about dating and relationships. Angy said one of the most memorable advice moments was when a woman asked her about the risks of having a child as an undocumented parent. Angy turned to her own mother for the answer: “i interview my mom and asked her why she decided to have children in the United States and how she was able to be a mother succesfully,” Rivera said.

The best piece of advice Angy has to offer after the years of running her blog is to remember your status does not define you: “it is not your identity…we are more than just papers. ”

Be sure to check out Angy’s blog “Ask Angy” and the documentary featuring her story titled, “No Le Digas A Nadie.”

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