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Let's talk about women

These famous and influential women want to talk to the next president. About women. Specifically, about women’s rights and freedom to access the healthcare they need.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” wants it to be clear that women should have control over their own bodies. Rebecca Traister, author of the new book “All the Single Ladies,” wants the next president to oppose the Hyde Amendment, which cuts off access to abortion for many poor women. And “Girls” executive producer Jenni Konner says, “We don’t want our daughters to have fewer rights than we do.”

Watch the video to hear their full message, plus words of wisdom from Kristen Bell, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and more. Then create your own video and share your message.

Fusion is asking people around the country to talk about their most pressing issues this election season using the phrase “Dear next president … ” You can learn more about the project, hear more voices from the campaign, and learn how to contribute your own video to #DearNextPresident.

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