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Janet Mock on Beyonce's Feminism: 'Gender Equality and Sexuality Don't Have to Be Mutually Exclusive'

The conversation about whether Beyonce Knowles is a feminist or a “simplistic, pro-capitalist, structurally violent sampling of feminism” has been debated by scholars, feminists, journalists and now Fusion anchor, Alicia Menendez and activist Janet Mock.

On the eve of the “On The Run” tour launch, Menendez asks Mock–a well-documented fan on Queen Bey–about whether or not there is an inherent contradiction between Beyonce’s simultaneous demand for gender equality and her expression of sexuality, as Forbes Contributor Carrie Sheffield has criticized. To that, Mock responded:

“First of all, that writer can take several seats…”

Well in Beyonce’s corner, Mock also offers some advice to the singer as Beyonce embarks on her North American tour. For Mock’s personal message to Beyonce on the one thing Queen Bey absolutely cannot do while on tour, click here.

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Credit: Cleo Stiller, Johanna Rojas

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