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Larry Wilmore: Republicans are 'throwing up in their mouths' over Trump

Larry Wilmore says he has no regrets about using the n-word in reference to President Obama during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. In fact, he’s glad people are talking about it, especially those who say Wilmore’s use of the term has sent a message that it’s acceptable for those outside the black community to use it as well.

“If you’re telling me white people are finally listening to me, and they’re going to do what I say, well this is fantastic,” he joked. “If that’s the case, right now I’m going to say, ok white people, don’t use that word.”

He admits that his own industry is profiting enormously from covering Donald Trump. “The Trump presidency is fantastic for my business.” But Wilmore acknowledged that it’s becoming tougher to crack smart jokes about The Donald.

“I mean, when your own party is basically throwing up in their mouths because they can’t stand their own frontrunner, that’s a world I’ve never seen before.”

Just don’t call Larry Wilmore a journalist—he says he’s strictly a comedian. But the Comedy Central host says you can blame John Stewart for the public’s increasing trust in comedians over journalists.

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