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How NYU and Parsons are reinventing election coverage for Fusion

A key part of Fusion’s mission in its 2016 election coverage is to be different and creative and develop new ways to cover politics—and engage young and new voters. So we partnered with Professor Jay Rosen and Studio 20, an innovative program at NYU’s journalism school, as well as Professor David Carroll, of the MFA Design and Technology graduate program at the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons, to develop a collection of new approaches with their students.

Projects ranged from an interactive narrative exploring voter surveillance and political ad tracking; a Donald Trump chat bot who will offer you dating advice; and a tool for surveying the many groups of non-voters—from convicted felons to undocumented immigrants to residents of U.S. territories—on their views of the issues and candidates this year.

Projects from Fusion’s collaboration with Studio 20 and Parsons/New School will roll out online over the next few weeks.

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