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Filmmaker Sebastian Junger Explains Why Soldiers Miss War in New Documentary 'Korengal'

War journalist, author and filmmaker Sebastian Junger talks to Jorge Ramos about his new film “Korengal,” which is a follow-up to his 2010 Academy Award-nominated film “Restrepo.” The documentary features the same troops in the same dangerous valley in Afghanistan, but the goal of the film is very different.

“I wanted it to be an attempt to understand the experience of combat and how it affects soldiers,” Junger said. “A lot of the soldiers miss the war…and I wanted to make a film that started to unpack why that would be.”

Junger also tells Ramos how being a war reporter and experiencing combat firsthand has changed him as a person.

“War expands your capacity for compassion and understanding,” Junger said. “I never really knew what human suffering was until I went to war. It doesn’t really harden you. It breaks you open.”

“Korengal” is now playing in select theaters across the U.S.

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