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Contested convention explained in 3 minutes

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the election is over for Bernie Sanders

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe says Bernie Sanders can stay in the race as long as he wants, but Hillary Clinton will become the eventual Democratic nominee for president. The governor’s comments come after Sunday’s news conference where Sanders promised a contested convention. The most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll shows Sanders trailing Clinton by four points in Indiana, the site of Tuesday’s presidential primary.

Gov. McAuliffe recently used his executive power to restore voting rights to over 200,000 people with felony convictions in Virginia. The move could effect more people than similar actions in recent history. Members of Virginia’s GOP led legislature have accused McAuliffe of using this as a political move to favor Clinton. The governor told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos what he did was the right thing to do and instead of attacking these voters, the GOP should work to earn their vote.

Watch Jorge Ramos’ full interview with Governor McAuliffe below:

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