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'Chelsea Lately's' Heather McDonald on The Key to Succeeding in Comedy

The world of comedy can be harsh for any stand-up comedian, but “Chelsea Lately” writer, Heather McDonald, has built a career and brand on her spot-on impressions , her relatable material, and her unfiltered commentary on everything from the Kardashians to the Pope.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with the stand-up comedian to ask how she got into the comedy industry, citing her upbringing as one of the main contributors.

“A lot comedians that I’ve met…are the youngest in a large family,” McDonald, the youngest of five, told Menendez. “You’re fighting for attention, you weren’t really raised properly…which adds to your humor.”

McDonald opened up about beginning her start-up career at USC, her work in sketch comedy at “The Groundlings Theater,” and her big break as a writer for comedian Chelsea Handler.

McDonald also cautioned female stand-ups to not leave the industry even temporarily to start a family.

“Sometimes that happens with moms,” Heather told Menendez despite her belief that it would prompt a slew of hate-mail. “The truth is…if you stop working to be a mom…it’s really hard to get back in.”

Credit: Victoria Moreno, Cleo Stiller, Andrea Torres

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