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You've Never Met A Woman With A Drier Sense of Humor Than This 'Two Broke Girls' Writer

During the 2011 CBS pilot season, a comedy starring a quick witted, cynical Kat Dennings and a lovable, naive Beth Behrs, tested better than any comedy or drama in the network’s history.

Just renewed for its fourth season, “2 Broke Girls” thrives not only on the performances of a talented cast, but on a sharp script, with dialogue that bred chemistry. One piece to that successful puzzle was writer Molly McAleer.

She recently sat down with Alicia Menendez, who about her success on the small screen and the digital world. McAleer’ answer was humble, if perhaps a little dark.

“Nothing good had happened to me in years,” she said. “Everyday I said, “I’m moving home to Boston.” … Of course, part of me always needs to stay a little bit negative. I don’t know why.”

Credit: Cleo Stiller, Victoria Moreno, Johanna Rojas

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