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Livestream: Scenes from Ferguson's streets

Fusion’s Tim Pool is reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri, where police and protesters are clashing once again in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to pursue criminal charges in the death of teenager Michael Brown. Click above to watch, or check back soon if it’s not live at the moment.

The night took a quick turn: Crowds that had gathered to hear the announcement (watch the moment it was delivered here) turned into protests soon after it became clear that Officer Darren Wilson would go free. Activists say they were denied justice—not only for Brown, but for a police system they say is prejudiced, overly militarized, and prone to using excessive force.

Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

There were protests in D.C., New York, and L.A. too.

President Obama addressed the nation, urging calm but declining to say whether he would visit Ferguson. As he spoke, TV networks used a split screen for dramatic effect:

More stunning images from the night here.

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