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Jorge Ramos Grills Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is a busy guy. Whether the famous chef is jetsetting around the world taping new episodes of his show, “Parts Unknown,” writing on his Tumblr, cooking for his family, or doing jujitsu, Bourdain always seems to be on the go.

He got his start as a dish washer, moved up the ranks to become executive chef of famed NYC eatery Les Halles, and has since authored countless books and starred in numerous travel shows.

Bourdain’s unique voice has attracted millions of viewers over the past decade to his Travel Channel shows “No Reservations” and “The Layover.” Now, Bourdain has taken his talents to CNN, with his show “Parts Unknown.”

Currently in its third season, “Parts Unknown” takes viewers to relatively unknown places around the globe and explores each country’s food, culture, and a subject that Bourdain didn’t talk about before, politics.

When asked about the political slant that “Parts Unknown” has taken compared to his past shows, Bourdain told Ramos, “I never intended to move towards politics…that sort of crept up to me over time.”

“If I’ve moved towards politics, I guess it’s the realization that there is nothing more political than food, food itself,” Bourdain said.

And in another departure from his past shows, Bourdain approached the recent Mexico City episode with an agenda, even going as far as writing a Tumblr post that went viral.

“I rarely go at a particular show with an agenda but on the subject of Mexican and Central American cooks and kitchen workers, and immigration for that matter, I definitely have an agenda,” he said.

Bourdain told Ramos that immigrants are the literal backbone of the hospitality industry.

“The entire restaurant industry in New York would close down tomorrow if every Mexican decided to go home,” he said.

The next episode of “Parts Unknown” airs on June 1st, with Bourdain visiting Thailand.

Credit: Lindsay Garfield, Alcione Gonzalez

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