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Meet Pay de Limon, the bionic dog rescued from narcos

If it weren’t for Patricia Ruiz, Pay de Limon would have bled to death in a dumpster.

Ruiz said she found the canine after he was discarded by members of one of Mexico’s most feared drug cartels who used him to practice their amputation skills. Those same skills would later be applied to human kidnapped victims.

She rescued the maimed dog in the northwestern Mexican city of Fresnillo. Ruiz later brought him to Milagros Caninos, the Mexico City-based dog sanctuary that specializes in extreme cases.

While at Milagros Caninos, Pay de Limon—all dogs at the sanctuary are given food names—was equipped with two carbon prosthetics. It didn’t take him long to get used to his new limbs. Ruiz said that he was running within fifteen days of wearing them for the first time.

What did take some time was for Pay de Limon to start trusting humans again.

“He would hide in the corners whenever someone would come close to see or talk to him,” Osvaldo Vital Reyes, medical director at Milagros Caninos, told Mexican news outlet Televisa. Reyes said that through constant attention, Pay de Limon was able to regain his confidence.

Since his rescue, the bionic canine has become one of the public faces of Milagros Caninos. The sanctuary was established after the 2004 death of Ruiz’s dog, Clavo. Since then, the sanctuary has rescued and rehabilitated more than 700 dogs, an impressive feat given that the organization depends solely on donations. You can find out more information about Milagros Caninos—including on how to help—here.

footage courtesy of Andrea Gonzalez

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