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Meet the women behind Disney's 'Zootopia' who are changing the animation world

The field of animation has had a long history of being a ‘boy’s club.’ A recent study by the Animation Guild revealed female creatives made up just 20 percent of the workforce in 2015. Men accounted for 80 percent. While the statistics speak volumes of progress that needs to be made, the women on the production team of Disney’s latest film, Zootopia, say change is already happening and Walt Disney Animation Studios has been making strides for many years. Fusion spent two years with the film’s creatives during the final stage of Zootopia‘s production. A number of women are in high profile positions including Josie Trinidad, the first female co-head of story in Disney’s history.

The women of Zootopia spoke to us about the challenges they’ve faced in their careers, empowering others, and what they hope the field looks like for female talent in the future.

You can watch what happened on our journey with the filmmakers of Zootopia in the Fusion documentary, Imagining Zootopia, here.

Fusion is partly owned by Disney’s ABC network.

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