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Pete Tong Gets Candid About EDM DJs Who Don't Actually DJ

The art and skill of mixing is undoubtedly a hot topic among DJs today, with the rise of EDM causing great debate over those who simply press play on Top 20 tracks and those who continuously hone their craft.

In the Summer of 2013, you might recall the fake article by satirical EDM site Wunderground about an obviously non-existent, pre-recorded set (that we know of) by David Guetta, which he threatened to sue over.

And remember the DJ Mag interview with house heavyweight DJ Sneak ripping into Swedish House Mafia saying “For the record, they do not play house music.” Or, most recently, when Deadmau5 (who is no stranger to truthful controversy) called EDM DJs “button pushers” and that you really don’t have to be that talented to learn.

It’s an easy recipe for overnight fame. The young 17-year-old wannabe DJ makes a record in his room. He uploads it to Soundcloud and YouTube. He gets buzzed and gets signed. And he’s forced to learn how to “DJ”. There might be a few first-world hurdles along the way.

With this seemingly easy route to dance music success, legendary house producer and DJ Pete Tong spoke to us candidly about the phenomenon of EDM mega-fame and the decline of real mixing.

Video edited by Douglas Forte

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