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The plight of child migrants

The issue of unaccompanied child migrants isn’t something we’ve heard much about from the candidates this election cycle. We’ve heard plenty on immigration, of course, but not enough about how candidates would specifically handle the thousands of Central American children who continue to flee extreme violence and poverty in their home countries to seek refuge in the U.S.—all while making the dangerous trip alone.

During the last Democratic debate in Milwaukee, however, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders gave the topic some much needed attention. They argued about a 2014 Obama Administration policy that called for sending those unaccompanied child migrants back to Central America. Sanders was against it; Clinton supported it.

Still, most people don’t truly understand the plight of these children—the risk involved in crossing the border, and the challenges faced if and when they make it alive. Fusion’s Jorge Ramos traveled to one spot along the U.S.-Mexico border where thousands of children continue to cross over: the Rio Grande. As Ramos points out, it is the final frontier to freedom for many young immigrants. He speaks with some of the people who made this treacherous journey but now face uncertainty in the U.S.

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