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Former NFL Punter Chris Kluwe Responds to Michael Sam's Anti-Gay Critics

Over the weekend, the St. Louis Rams drafted SEC defensive player Michael Sam during the final day of the 2014 NFL Draft. Although Sam was the 249th overall pick, he made history by becoming the first openly gay NFL player to be drafted by a NFL team.

The announcement has triggered mixed responses. Chris Kluwe, former punter and (up until recently) the most vocal supporter of marriage equality in the National Football League, thinks that Michael Sam is paving the way for other athletes who may be in the closet but will also face challenges in his road ahead.

“Hopefully by Mike taking this step now it will make it much easier in the future for other guys who come out as gay.”

Kluwe claims his advocacy for same-sex rights lead him to be cut from the team earlier this year.

Credit: Victoria Moreno, Bianca Perez and Ignacio Torres

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