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Here's what Attorney General Loretta Lynch thinks about Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime show

Days after Beyoncé’s controversial performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, the DOJ announced it was filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Ferguson for routine unconstitutional policing. But Attorney General Loretta Lynch was tight-lipped when Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked her to comment on Queen Bee’s performance of her latest song, “Formation,” which in part protests police brutality. Critics said Beyoncé and her backup dancers went too far resembling the Black Panthers in costume; former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called it “outrageous” and that she attacked the very people who protect her.

The Attorney General said she did indeed watch the halftime show, but that she viewed it as pure entertainment like the rest of the musical acts. However, Ms. Lynch’s answer to the question did acknowledge that Beyoncé’s performance was alluding to something bigger.

“I think that art is one way in which we discuss difficult issues,” she said during an interview. “I think the way in which I’m trying to deal with that is have those conversations directly with the people involved in those difficult issues.”


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