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Young Dems in New Hampshire tell us why they're feeling the Bern

Latinos in New Hampshire want more attention from candidates

Fusion’s Enrique Acevedo was in New Hampshire to speak with residents of Nashua—the Granite State’s second largest city. Since New Hampshire is the first state in the nation to hold a primary, Nashua, like most major cities in the state, becomes a focal point during every election season.

But some of Nashua’s residents say they’re tired of being another stop along the campaign trail because their needs are never really addressed.

Acevedo spoke to Latinos in Nashua who currently make up 10% of the city’s population, but are often overlooked during the election. They say it doesn’t matter whether a candidate is of Hispanic origin or can speak Spanish, only that he or she understand what issues matter to them most and follow through on their promises. That guarantee would win them their vote.

See the full visit to Nashua below.

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