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Young Dems in New Hampshire tell us why they're feeling the Bern

Hillary Clinton may have officially won the Democratic caucuses in Iowa, but as the Associated Press also noted when it declared Clinton the victor, it was by an extremely narrow margin that the former Secretary of State beat out Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator’s performance in Iowa was probably the greatest indication that he is Clinton’s formidable opponent in the race for the nomination, especially when it comes to young voters. Sanders defeated Clinton among voters ages 17-29 by a whopping 70 percentage points—and it seems he’s poised to do the same in the New Hampshire primary.

According to a new UMass Lowell poll of New Hampshire primary voters, Sanders could perform even better with young voters in the Granite State than he did with them in Iowa. The poll found that 91% of young Democratic voters in New Hampshire are leaning towards Sanders.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez was in Iowa to speak to young, Democratic voters about why exactly they’re ‘feeling the Bern.’

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