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Why Kap-G Says You Will Relate To His Mexican Experience

He is only 19-years-old but music executives are already calling him the new face of hip-hop. Mexican-American rapper George Ramirez, or Kap-G as he goes by in the music industry, is just a year out of high school and already collaborating with the biggest names in the genre.

“Who ever knew that my mom and dad being from Mexico, being poor, coming to the United States – Who ever knew that their son was going to be somebody who was working with Pharrell Williams,” He told the AMTonight team who met up with him in Atlanta. “I just think it’s beautiful that you can take that American dream and make it come true.”

Kap-G’s parents joined the increasing number of Mexican-Americans who migrated to the South in late 90’s and early 2000’s. Kap-G, his four brothers and one sister, were raised in College Park, a neighborhood outside of Atlanta and home to other rappers including Outkast and 2 Chainz.

“I was probably in 9th grade that I got into rapping because it was such a big local scene in music in Atlanta,” Kap-G explained.

Kap-G said he wanted to stand out from the other talented rappers in the area who were also fighting for attention from major record labels. He managed to do so through his lyrics, which touch on his Mexican heritage and experience as a first-generation immigrant living in the South. Kap-G’s debut mixtape titled, “Like A Mexican,” proudly blends his culture and ATL pride. But ironically, it also showcases stereotypical Mexican imagery.

“I’ll mention certain stereotypes about being Mexican, you know, cutting grass, being illegal, being deep in a car – you know, a lot of people packed in a car. We did that growing up and there are reasons why we do this.” He goes on, “that’s why I say it in my rap. Let me people know why.”

Credit: Dino Pascarelli

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