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Half-naked Japanese babes battle evil robots in Tokyo's Shinjuku

In Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, the area known as “Kabukicho” serves as a shiny, pretty clean adult playground. It’s part nightlife and bar district, part red-light district. But with its glut of hostess bars and similar, male-catering establishments, women often play a submissive role around here.

That’s not so at Robot Restaurant, smack in the middle of Kabukicho. Here, women come out on top–and out from behind, and out from inside of—enormous robots. It’s an experience that could probably only come about in Tokyo, and one that has to be seen to be believed.

Check out our video for a look inside. Warning if you’re in a quiet or conservative spot: There are lasers, monsters, clanking machinery, and a small army of dancing women in skin-baring outfits. Don’t worry, they all win in the end.

Shot by Ingrid Rojas

Edited by Jesse Swinger

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