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Meet the 30 women who will change the election

You’re about to meet 30 women—all 30 or under—who will change the course of the 2016 election.

They come from across the country and across the political spectrum. One is a Dreamer in charge of Latino outreach for Hillary Clinton. Another is a Republican who won a seat in the New Hampshire legislature at the age of 19.

They’re fighting for issues as diverse as their backgrounds. Social justice. Debt-free college. Immigrant rights. A livable minimum wage. Answering climate change. Stopping campus sexual assault.

And they charted different paths to politics. One came out as transgender in her school newspaper and became a national advocate for LGBT equality. Another is a 22-year-old Muslim who posted a response to Donald Trump and became a viral sensation, a voice for tolerance and inclusion.

Together, they reflect a young, multicultural America—a group that will help determine who wins the White House and then will chart the future of the country.

Watch the first three videos here:

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