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Activist Janet Mock Flips the Script, Asks Alicia Menendez to Prove Her Womanhood

The on-air feud between trans activist Janet Mock and former CNN host Piers Morgan made many of us in media reconsider our perceptions and approaches to stories about and relating to the trans community.

Many other journalists have been criticized for focusing their interviews with trans role models and activists around genitalia and gender reassignment surgery. This kind of questioning ultimately reduces a complex question of identity into one of physicality. But it’s tough to imagine just how invasive and humiliating those questions can be until you’re standing in their shoes.

Alicia experiences that firsthand when Mock flips the script and asks Alicia to share what it’s like to be a cisgender woman (a woman who self identifies with the sex and gender that was assigned to her at birth).

Credit: Alicia Menendez, Claudia Pou, Ignacio Torres, Cleo Stiller-Farrell, Andrea Torres, Jess Blank

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