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Activist Janet Mock on Trans Women Doing Sex Work for Survival

New York Times best-selling author Janet Mock is an open book in her new memoir, “Redefining Realness.” Through her own story, Mock illustrates the many institutional challenges that trans women of color face–among them, the need to engage in sex work as a means of survival. Many trans people, particularly women of color, are discriminated against in the job market, and end up working as prostitutes to pay for their medicine and other necessities.

“My medical transition was so vital and important for me and it was urgent,” Mock explained in a one-on-one interview with AM Tonight. “I knew the fastest way that I could get what I needed was to engage in the sex trade and to trade sex with money.”

Her story resembles that of many other trans women who have also turned to sex work as a last resort.

Credit: Alicia Menendez, Claudia Pou, Ignacio Torres, Cleo Stiller-Farrell, Andrea Torres, Jess Blank

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