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Transgender Activist Janet Mock's Childhood Helped Her Redefine 'Realness'

In her new memoir, “Redefining Realness,” writer and transgender activist Janet Mock makes us think, reconsider and helps us analyze what is “real.” The former People Magazine Editor tackles institutional issues facing trans women of color through the lens of her own life experience.

But above all, it’s a provoking coming-of-age story.

In a one-on-one interview with Alicia Menendez Tonight, Mock shares her story. She starts with her childhood days in Hawaii, when her expressions of her femininity, wearing a dress as a dare, and telling her class that she aspired to be a secretary were met with punishment.

“I learned very early on that who I was, was wrong and should be hidden and should be secret and should be remained silent,” explains Mock.

Credit: Alicia Menendez, Claudia Pou, Ignacio Torres, Cleo Stiller-Farrell, Andrea Torres, Jess Blank

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