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The Washington Post's Barton Gellman on Glenn Greenwald: 'We're Friendly Competitors'

In an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Barton Gellman said, “I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I guess I would say that I think I’m more interesting than I used to be to a number of different intelligence agencies.”

It was Gellman who was among Edward Snowden’s inner circle, after documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras asked the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist to verify her source in February of 2013. His reporting earned The Washington Post a Pulitzer for public service; Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald received the same award for the Guardian.

When asked if he and Greenwald had a turf war over their source, Gellman said “We are friendly competitors.”

In June 2013, Gellman detailed his interactions with Snowden, to which Greenwald responded via Twitter saying, “Bart Gellman’s claims about Snowden’s interactions with me – when, how and why – are all false.”

Gellman told Ramos, “All of that stuff is noise. It’s trivial.”

What’s not trivial is Gellman’s concerns over foreign governments trying to get a hold of his documents.

“In the nature of our stories we are acknowledging to readers that we are publishing some things and holding some things back. So it is now a matter of public record that I have some material that I am not going to release,” Barton acknowledged.

“I am always worried about the U.S. government trying to find out who my confidential source are, but my bigger concern right now is that foreign governments are trying to get hold of U.S. documents that I possess and so I will just say that we are taking very extensive measures based on advice from the world’s best security experts on how to protect that material,” Barton said. “A foreign government or sophisticated hacker would want to know what I know about the NSA that I am not saying.”

“I’m not dumping all the Snowden documents onto the Internet. And neither is he. And there are people who would like to see it,” he told Jorge.

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