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Law, Order and a Misplaced Hyperfocus on Women's Bodies

What to wear? It’s an important question for any budding attorney. SO, in 2010 the Chicago Bar Association hosted a “What Not to Wear” fashion show for law students.

But, apparently not everyone got the message because Loyola Law School’s Externship Director recently released a memo to the student body which read, “I really don’t need to mention that cleavage and stiletto heels are not appropriate office wear (outside of ridiculous lawyer TV shows), do I?”

The conversation has sparked debates on many platforms, from Slate and Jezebel to Fox News.

US District Judge Richard Kopf outlined three simple rules for female attorneys in the courtroom:

1. You can’t win. Men are both pigs and prudes. Get over it.

2. It’s not about you. That goes double when you are appearing in front of a jury.

The third rule was so outrageous, we had to speak with two women in field to get their reaction, Political Analyst Zerlina Maxwell and Fusion’s Associate General Counsel Tania Linares.

Credit: Cleo Stiller and Johanna Rojas

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