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Warren vs. Clinton--Will They Both Run For President?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) has a new book out this week titled, “A Fighting Chance.” Many speculate that this is a campaign book, which is clearly a stepping stone to running for President.

The book is full of quotable lines that could totally be a “One Direction” song. Lines like, “I believe in what we can do together, in what we will do together. All we need is a fighting chance.” But is there a chance Warren could run for president? When ABC’s David Muir asked Warren, “Are you going to run for President?” The Senator had this answer, “I’m not running for President.”

Sooo…she’s not running for President RIGHT NOW…but could totally run for President in the future, right?

All we know for sure is that we now have a fictional “One Direction” song stuck in our heads… “Baby, all we need is a fighting chance…”

Credit: Andrea Torres and Andy Dubbin

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