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'The Russian Assassin,' Dispensary Security Guard, Breaks Down Why You Don't Want to Steal Weed

Fusion Chief Cannabis Correspondent Ryan Nerz talks with a former Russian special agent, Leo, who has restarted his career, in Colorado…as a weed security guard.

Leo works for Blue Line Protection Group, which subcontracts out to protect dispensaries like “Medicine Man,” which is one of the more prosperous medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver. Because the dispensaries are still not able to use the major banks (because marijuana remains federally illegal, and banks are insured by the fed-based FDIC), these businesses not only have loads of weed…but bundles of cash to boot. Leo, aka shows Mr. Nerz what the consequences would be if he tried to steal marijuana from the dispensary guarded by the man who calls himself “The Russian Assassin.”

Credit: Ryan Nerz and Darwin Phillips

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