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This Opera Singer From Kazakhstan Has a Special Earth Day Message For You

Alright, so you know you’re supposed to be green and recycle and reduce your carbon footprint and all that. But the truth of climate change–and of the very real probability of ecological collapse–doesn’t really sink in the way it’s usually told.

So how about something completely different? How about a glam-rock opera, starring a classically trained tenor, originally from Kazakhstan, who’s totally not afraid to rock a party dress? How about a performer who can sing about radiation and ocean levels while channeling famous artistic aliens like David Bowie and Klaus Nomi?

Hello, then, you need to meet Timur and the Dime Museum, an act from L.A. whose new show, Collapse, commissioned by REDCAT and directed by Beth Morrison, is part musical, part classical, and still 100-percent rock and roll. Yes, it’s a complete conceptual project, a rock opera about climate change, featuring insanely moving musical compositions by Daniel Corral, visuals by Jesse Gilbert, costumes by Victor Wilde of the Bohemian Society, and an unforgettable opera-rock wail by the show’s star, Timur Bekbosunov.

Think: revival tent-type screamer about the perils of Atlantic salmon. Think: a New Wave-style dance number about algae clumps brought together by rising oceans. Think: The kind of environmental message you can seriously not forget.

Check out the video, which we shot when Collapse came recently to the Miami Light Project. Look for international tour dates at timurandthedimemuseum.com.

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