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Is Not Coming Out The New Coming Out?

MTV’s Michael J. Willett hopes so. In an interview with Alicia Menendez he says, “I don’t think anyone wakes up and realizes ‘Oh! I’m straight.’ It’s just always been a part of who you are.”

During the interview Willett talked about his new series “Faking It,” premiering April 22nd on MTV. The show centers around a group of high school students in Austin, Texas; but this isn’t your typical high school comedy. This one comes with a twist.

After best friends Amy and Karma are mistakenly outed as a lesbian couple…they decide to go with it when they see a social benefit to it. Suddenly, they’re the most popular kids around school.

It is an interesting premise, albeit a complicated one and some people are even describing it as offensive.

Watch full interview with Michael J. Willett here:

Credit: Andrea Torres, Bianca Perez, and Paola Bolano

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