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Faking Being Gay In Order to Be More Popular at School

Is MTV’s “Faking It” the New Version of “Awkward”?

High school is rough. Navigating school, friendships and figuring out who you are and who you want to be isn’t easy. MTV’s newest show “Faking It” covers it all. But this new high school comedy isn’t your typical one. This one comes with a twist.

The show centers around best friends Amy and Karma, who are outed as a lesbian couple…only problem is…they’re not really lesbians. The friends decide to go with it when they see a social benefit to it. Suddenly, they’re the most popular kids around school.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez interviewed one of the show’s newest stars Michael J. Willett, who plays “Shane,” the school’s most popular gay boy. Willett tells Alicia why society shouldn’t treat the LGBT community as an accessory, and why he thinks coming out is no longer such a big deal.

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Credit: Andrea Torres, Bianca Perez, and Paola Bolano

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