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Alicia Menendez lists the six scariest things about the midterm elections

The world of politics weighs in on whether women should change their last names

The debate over whether a woman should (or must) change her last name to match her husband’s when she gets married has been the subject of countless editorials, studies, and thinkpieces. Recently, a female political candidate has come under fire for daring to keep the name she was born with. Michelle Nunn was accused of “riding her daddy’s coattails” by a fellow Georgian because she didn’t change her last name when she got married. Naturally, the issue of keeping your last name when you get married isn’t an issue for men, which explains why Mark Begich and Mark Pryor – also the spawn of prominent politicians – haven’t been criticized for daring to use the family name.

Alicia Menendez examines this double standard and how women in politics have suffered for both keeping and not keeping their last name. The short version: Cher and Adele might be on to something.

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