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'The Chair' Episode 4: Anna's team gets hit with a setback

Anna gets a confidence boost but it quickly dissolves when she’s hit with some unexpected news. Shane’s team sees the reach of his fame when he encounters his young fans. But while his fans may love his work, his style is criticized for being too raunchy without reason.

Go behind-the-scenes to see how Hollywood magic is made as the award-winning docu-series ‘The Chair’ follows two widely different first-time film directors, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson and NYU screenwriter Anna Martemucci, who are each given the opportunity to direct their own film adapted from the same original screen


The Chair Episode 1: Meet two aspiring filmmakers competing for a spot in the director’s chair

The Chair Episode 2: The first-time filmmakers struggle to find their voice

The Chair Episode 3: Shane Dawson’s inexperience causes doubt among producers

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