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Donald Trump loves Harrison Ford but the feeling isn't mutual

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he liked movies with heroic presidents, and the one with “Harrison Ford on the plane” in particular. He’s referring to Air Force One, in which Ford—as the ultimate tough-guy POTUS—fights Russian terrorists.

“I love Harrison Ford—and not just because he rents my properties. He stood up for America,” Trump said.

The Star Wars actor reportedly rented an apartment in one of Trump’s properties in New York City more than ten years ago, but apparently that history doesn’t make a difference to Ford.

“I really didn’t think it was such a good apartment. I didn’t think it was great architecture,” Ford recently told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. “The Donald Trump that owned that building is not the same Donald Trump that I’m seeing now.”

Ford said Trump’s actions have been divisive, and that he’s “turning people against each other.”

“We need a consciousness of what the country needs practically speaking, rather than ideologically speaking,” he told Ramos.

The actor also spoke to Ramos about Han Solo, his character in the Star Wars franchise, and director George Lucas’s comment that the character is a “loner, who realizes the importance of being part of a group.” Ford acknowledged he identifies with Hans Solo in that regard.

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