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This is 'Fight Club' for drones

The Aerial Sports League had their drone battle cage at Fusion’s recent Real Future Fair in San Francisco. Reiner Von Weber, co-founder of the Aerial Sports League, spoke with us about the future of drone battling, likening it to the early days of skateboarding and its rise in popularity during the seventies and eighties. Skateboarding used to be stigmatized. It was an outsider sport. Flying a drone, especially battling drones, is very much an outsider activity, according to Von Weber, and he wants to change that.

Von Weber hopes that one day there will be “drone parks” like there are skate parks, where people can battle each other via remote control without having the FAA interfere in their fun. He believes drone battling will become a big spectacle sport, one that will attract large crowds and gambling. It’s already attracting sponsors, with some of the best drone pilots signing deals with drones and quadrocopter parts manufacturers. Check out the video and decide for yourself whether drone battles might one day be a Vegas fixture.

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