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Christine Quinn on why she's launching a women-focused political party

If former New York City Council Speaker and political powerhouse Christine Quinn gets her way, the state is going to be home to a new political force soon: The Women’s Equality Party. The initiative needs 50,000 votes on November 4 in order to be recognized as an official party by the state.

So why does New York need a party focused specifically on women’s equality?

“We are sick of women’s issues being ‘other’… being the things people talk about at one event or now and again,” Quinn told Fusion’s Alicia Menendez.

The Women’s Equality Party was launched this year in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s failed attempt to pass the Women’s Equality Act in Albany in 2013. The 10-point act focused on issues like establishing pay equity for women, stopping sexual harassment in the workplace, and stronger protections for victims of domestic violence. Right now, Cuomo is the new party’s best shot at achieving its goal of 50,000 votes.

When asked if it was problematic to have a man as the most visible candidate of the Women’s Equality Party, Quinn responded, “every civil rights movement needs its allies.”

Watch the full interview:

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