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Kris Jenner jokes she's counting on Kim, Kanye and North moving out soon

It’s been seven years since the world first started “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” What started off as a simple reality TV show blew up into an empire, complete with modeling careers, clothing lines, and even the cover of Vogue. Love them or hate them, you have one woman to thank: Matriarch Kris Jenner. Fusion Live’s Pedro Andrade recently sat down with the self-proclaimed “mom-ager” in New York and got the latest scoop on the famous clan. Some highlights:

1) They really are always together

“I don’t have empty nest syndrome because Kim and Kanye and North still live with me. Kylie lives with me, and Kourtney and Khloe and Rob live up the street. Kim and Kanye are moving out any minute – I’m counting on it,” Jenner joked. “Everyone is at my house all the time… I’m so lucky that everyone wants to hang out.”

2) Hey haters: they ignore you!

“When we first started shooting, the media scrutiny was certainly overwhelming,” Jenner said. “We decided early on – I told my kids: don’t go on the Internet. Don’t look at the stuff. It’s a bunch of crap – and 99.9 percent of anything you read is just a fabricated lie.”

3) They cook for themselves – and you, too, can eat like a Kardashian!

“When my first child, Kourtney, went off to college, they’d keep calling me from college or from their apartments, going ‘Mom, tell me one more time – how do you make this, how do you make the mac and cheese’ – and I got so tired of them asking over and over and over how to make these recipes,” Jenner said. “I’m putting everyone’s favorites and everything I’ve been doing for decades in a book and it will be around a lot long than I’m even here.”

The fruit of that effort, “In the Kitchen with Kris,” is in stores now.

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