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Today In History: A baby is born on the Mayflower

In 1620, a baby was born on the Mayflower in Massachusetts Bay. Peregrine White was that young man’s name and he was the first baby born to English Pilgrims in the New World. He lived to be 83 and was described in his obituary as “vigorous and of a comly Aspect to the last.” Not bad. What sort of name is Peregrine? It’s Latin for “pilgrim,” of course.

Elsewhere on November 20ths past: In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis ended after a tense fortnight of nuclear brinkmanship. In 1820, a sperm whale rammed a big ol’ ship and sank it. The surviving crew members escaped on life boats, but weren’t rescued until over three months later. The incident inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. Oh, it’s Joe Biden’s birthday, too. HBD, Diamond Joe.

Find out more about November 20th and watch more Today in History videos on Timeline.

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