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Girl Gamers Episode 3: Where are all the female heroines?

Who are our heroines? From Lara Croft to Joanna Dark to Jill Valentine, video games have given us a new set of pop culture icons – so why aren’t there more of them? In the third episode of Girl Gamers, we try to figure out why brown-haired white guys are the only people allowed to save the world.

In Fusion’s new five-part series, Girl Gamers, we explore gaming culture and playing while female: the finer points of game design, working in the industry, our own identities and why a good female heroine is so hard to find. Tune in Tuesdays for new episodes!

The tile of this episode is a tribute to pioneering video games and tech journalist Bonnie Ruberg, who authored a blog called Heroine Sheik from 2005 to 2010.

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