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Miami Auto Museum is home to your favorite movie cars from James Bond and Ghostbusters

The best Hollywood action films are defined by special effects, explosions, fight scenes and of course an epic car chase. Millions of dollars can go into making your favorite scenes but have you ever wondered where the cars go after the movie wraps? They end up in amazing places like the Miami Auto Museum.

The Miami Auto Museum houses over 1000 cars from movies and TV shows like The Fast and the Furious, Ghostbusters, Magnum P.I., Robocop and Back to the Futurea. They also have a full menagerie of other motor vehicles like boats, planes and even a hovercraft.

One of the most spectacular exhibits is the one devoted to James Bond. They have the most memorable vehicles from almost every movie. Remember that Aston Martin from Goldfinger with the spikes in the wheels and the reversible license plate? Yeah, they’ve got one of those. They even have the Lotus Esprit that turns into a submarine from the spy who loved me.

You may never get a chance to meet the stars of the movies you love, but here you get a chance to see the vehicles that brought those movies to life.

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