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The Dos and Donts of Taking the Ultimate D*ck Pic

Lawyer by day, the internet’s most famous d*ck pic critic by night.

That’s the life of Maddie Holden, creator of the incredibly NSFW “CritiqueMyD*ckpic.tumblr.com.”

The popular Tumblr is a collection of d*ck pics – submitted by readers – each of which are thoughtfully and non-judgmentally critiqued by Holden.

“The whole thing started one morning last September after I received a really good d*ck pic,” Holden said via Skype from her home in New Zealand. “It was so unusual that I tweeted about it, and the whole conversation began.”

Holden and her friends agreed: the world is filled with far too many gross d*ck pics. Why not create a forum in which men can learn from their mistakes and improve their techniques?

Here are The Dos and Donts of Taking the Ultimate Dick Pic, as told by Maddie Holden.

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