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Fusion's Jorge Ramos on what he learned covering the 2016 race

Ben Carson: I can 'absolutely' defeat Hillary Clinton

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Thursday that he can “absolutely” defeat Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“I think this would be, in 2016, the most dramatic election that we’ve ever had because the two sides are so distinctly different,” Carson said. “One side advocating for government and government control and one side advocating for individual freedom, personal responsibility, and compassion.”

A recent NBC poll showed Carson and Clinton tied in a head-to-head matchup, with both at 47%.

Carson, who also made news by advocating for transgender bathrooms, addressed an attack from his chief rival in the Republican primary, Donald Trump. In a promo released this week for his controversial upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance, Trump said, “Ben Carson is a complete and total loser!”

Carson noted that SNL took the promo off YouTube and said it was posted by accident. “I don’t get involved in gutter politics,” he said. “That’s who he is and I’m who I am. We’re two completely different people. You know, one finds that amusing and one likes to deal with things that are really important.”

“There are certain people who are Trump supporters who would be Trump supporters until the end of time,” Carson said. “But there are a number of other people who I think are starting to think about the actual presidency, and what kind of person do you want in that position, what kind of temperament do you want.”

“Do you want somebody who says, ‘Somebody attacked me, I’m going to attack them.’ Or do you want somebody who says, ‘Hold everything and let’s determine what it is we really need to be dealing with right now.'”

“I don’t care if somebody tells me a name or somebody attacks me,” Carson said. “We have much bigger fish to fry than that.”

Watch the full interview below.

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