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Ilan Zechory, of RapGenius: 'It's Your Pocket Guide to Human Culture'

It’s time for the latest installment of “Boss of Me,” where each week we feature young self-starters who created their own job.

If you’re into music and you like looking at song lyrics, you’ve probably heard of the website RapGenius.com. The site allows readers to analyze and annotate song lyrics – and other documents – in order to dissect the meaning and create a dialogue.

So if you’ve ever wondered what Kanye West meant when he said: “What she order, fish filet?” just scroll over the lyric on Rap Genius to get an explanation.

We caught up with Ilan Zechory, the co-founder of Rap Genius, to talk about how he turned his hobby into a career and about that time he congratulated Kim and Kanye on their engagement.

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