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#SOSVenezuela: 10 Days That Sparked the Crisis in Venezuela

At least 33 people have died in student protests plaguing Venezuela. Anti-government leader Leopoldo Lopez has been in prison for a month. The mayor of the city with the strongest protests was imprisoned for allowing people to exercise their right to protest. Opposition Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado was stripped of her seat and is being blamed for treason, terrorism. 1700 students have been detained. But young people keep protesting against the deteriorating quality of life in Venezuela.

You haven’t heard much about the uprising because local censorship in Venezuela is brutal, international media has been dormant to the Venezuelan plight. The images of repression coming out of this country in past weeks point toward the fact that Nicolas Maduro’s government has become more autocratic. But what caused Venezuela to unravel? Why should you care? Fusion wants to tell you the story of the 10 days that caused Venezuela to unravel, 10 days that began the fight for Venezuela’s future.

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