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NFL reaches settlement in the concussion lawsuit. But many players say it isn't enough

Concussions in the NFL is an issue that’s has been swept under the rug for a long time according to Pittsburgh lawyer Jason Luckasevic, who is responsible for the first ever concussion lawsuit against the NFL. Luckasevic claims that the NFL has been hiding what they knew about head injuries for years.

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Following the deaths of a few popular players including Junior Seau, concussions in the NFL have become an ongoing issue. On October 14 the NFL reached a $765 million settlement awarded to 18,000 players and their families. However, a handful of those players are planning to opt out of that deal, claiming that the money is not enough for their current situations.

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The NFL is a rough game and most would say that these players know what they’re risking before they join the league. But according to Luckasevic who acknowledges there’s no safe way to play the game, more changes need to be made in medicine, science and equipment to make the game safer.

“All of these players knew that they would break a bone playing, but none of them knew that they would develop brain injuries that would leave them drooling on themselves eventually,” says Luckasevic. “These players need help and it is in their best interest to get them help as soon as possible.”

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