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Today in History: It's 'Back to the Future' day

After years of internet pranksters photoshopping fake dates onto the center console in Doc Brown’s DeLorean, it’s finally, actually, October 21, 2015—Back to the Future day. The movie got a lot of things wrong, but a few things right—depending on where you stand on the great “hoverboard” debate.

However, there’s more to October 21 than a random date used in a 30-year-old movie. On this day back in 1879, Thomas Edison created his first lightbulb, which dramatically improved the lifespan of lightbulbs, bringing the burn rate from minutes to more than 13 hours.

Elsewhere in October 21s past: On The Road novelist Jack Kerouac died in 1969 and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was born in 1949.

Learn more about October 21 and watch other Today In History videos over on Timeline.

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